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**Note: This is a free prototype of a game for beta testing. That means you play around with it and help decide the direction the project takes, and give input and feedback. Please check out the community at the bottom of this page for updates and contributions. This is not a full or complete game. This copy is mostly functional, but may contain bugs (and spelling errors). Please report any bugs or inconsistencies that you encounter. There are many features and details that have not yet been implemented, but are currently being worked on. This copy is more focused on general gameplay and core functions (like level generation, saving, and mechanics). If you have ideas or feature requests, vocalize them in the forum. If they aren't already on the todo list, they might be added to it. All donations are considered as support for the project, and greatly appreciated. This game will remain free even after release.**

Evol ASCII is a roguelite open-world fantasty RPG game represented with ASCII characters. In fact, everything you're looking at, except for some rectangles in the menus, is text. The game is truly infinite. It is procedurally generated, extending the map in all directions as needed, so fast it isn't noticeable. Each 'board' is composed of a 40x30 set of text tiles. Boards are autosaved and then unloaded from memory as the player travels away from them. This allows for the game to maintain consistently low RAM and CPU usage while remaining infinite. When the player reaches an unloaded area, the game will first check the save folder for that board. If it exists (you've been there before), it will reload it, otherwise a new board will be generated.

WASD/Arrow Keys: Move, change placement direction, change settings, etc
Shift: Run
Control: Changes direction of player without moving (i.e. turn in place)
F: Equip/Unequip bow
Space: Fire arrow, confirm selection, etc
Enter/Return: Confirm selection, pick up item, place crafting object, talk to people, etc

1: Open/close inventory menu
2: Open/close crafting menu
3: Open/close library
4: Open/close player info menu
5: Open/close settings menu
Control + Shift + S: Save Game
P/Escape: Pause Game

If you're interested in this idea, please visit the discussion board to contribute.

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AuthorEvol Games
Tags2D, ascii, Retro, Roguelike, Roguelite, Singleplayer, Text based
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