Evol Ether Ver 4 Beta Released

Recently released a version 4 beta for Evol Ether, the free evolving ether simulation. I've rewritten all the code from scratch (again) as I have switched engines. Improved UI and added a bunch of new rules. There are tons of possible systems and unique particle behaviors.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


Evol Ether Windows Version 4 (Beta_2) 39 MB
Nov 28, 2020

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From which to which engine did you go?


Hey rogerty, I switched from Love2d to Urho3d. Still scripted in Lua. Urho is much faster and includes a very nice built-in UI. Plus it allows for 3d projects (currently working on some cool stuff)

Sounds good. Throw some sneak peaks at us! :) Also, I admire your dedication - to rewrite it so many times. :)

Thanks! I enjoy improving the concept and the bugs in version 3's rewrite bothered me.
Well, I made a discord server and telegram channel for general updates and stuff. Discord seems more popular than itch for general discussion and updates, especially text-only ones. Guess I could do more devlogs of stuff here too, though.
Here's a non-simulation teaser:


it did not download

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Try this link and click Beta_2 (you don't need to donate to download): https://evolgames.itch.io/evol-ether/download/eyJleHBpcmVzIjoxNjA2NjkzODI4LCJpZC...
If you have further issues, join the discord, telegram, or email me at evolsim@gmail.com. I can just send you the file directly.