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Korrigans is a colony management sim currently under development. It is isometric with Z-depth as perhaps a defining feature. Some management sims such as RimWorld do not have this aspect, while other titles like Gnomoria do.


Currently, all maps are generated. The player is able to select their parameters with sliders, such as river and tree frequency, height, length, depth, and sky height, etc.

The game with default maps of 64 x 64 x 32 x 10 (sky), but your maps can be up to 16 million total blocks (if your machine can handle it). For the first release there will be single maps to whatever size the player likes.

You will be in charge of managing your colony. This colony sim will be done from God perspective. Emphasis is on macro-managing the colony, rather than telling each korrigan what to do or needing to assign jobs. Korrigans have needs ranging from social to thirst and hunger. It's up to you to ensure your colony has efficient wells, food supplies, and a perhaps a good trade economy. There are many ways to play the game but you must keep your korrigans alive and happy.

A living world...

Water and magma flow and interact with the world. Fumes from below can poison your well and water system, so you need to keep this in mind. Trees produce the oxygen necessary for your colony to survive. You will also need lumber for various building projects. Overcutting and deforestation will negatively impact your biome and can easily lead your colony to extinction. The druidic practices of the korrigans give them a spiritual connection to nature, specifically oak trees. Who knows, maybe there are some secret magic abilities to be unlocked... 

Gameplay will be separated into two modes: Freeplay and Challenges. Freeplay lets the player set generation variables how they please, making the game harder or more casual, and are allowed to play continuously. Because it's a management game, you will always have something to do.

Challenge mode will give the player predefined maps and starting variables. The player will be given a goal to accomplish, like reaching a population number, surviving a certain amount of days, or reaching a certain economic threshold within a set time limit. Players will be able to save their game files and add them to the challenge level folder. This allows them to create their own community challenges. Other players can download those files, drop them in, and play those levels.

After release, along with bug fixes and feature updates, I will continue to add challenge levels. Freeplay and community challenges provide for enormous replayability.


On first release, a "mod" folder will be found in the game files. This folder will contain all main art, names for korrigans, and pregen levels. Those who wish to mess around, change the look/art, or tweak some of the challenge levels can delve in here. A backup folder is already supplied just in case something goes wrong. Please note: The entire game is not built modular. Some components are "built-in," so to speak, and are not easy to tweak. Modding is not my main focus by any means, but I may add support later for more in-depth changes. The main thing here is a means for players to change aesthetics. Challenge levels will have their own text files defining the specific restrictions or goals and their corresponding map. It will be trivial to save your game in this place and tweak the variables.


My goal is to make this game easily approachable, where most players can pick up and go. Then, as they become more advanced, they can take into account the more subtle aspects of the game, and are able to create complex colonies and manage minute details. This is up to player preference.


If you are familiar with my other work, you'll know that I've made several evolution simulations, hence the name. After I have added female korrigans, I will implement a simple breeding system. The player will be able, to an extent, influence these relationships. Because each korrigan has stats, their offspring will be bred with a mix of parental "genes" for base stats. If players wish to, they can breed korrigans with specific goals in mind. Otherwise, this process will occur on its own with natural selection (the weaker/less fit korrigans will die easier).


Korrigans are the mythological elf/dwarf/goblin/fairy (it's unclear) creatures of the Celtic cultures of Bretagne (Brittany) in northwest France. Think, Carnac Alignment. All of your korrigans will be given Celtic names and the game in general will follow this theme with music, events, and abilities. I plan to tie in the magical/druidic elements as well. While druidic and elf-like themes have certainly been done before, this specificity is relatively untapped, and it opens up a new but familiar fantasy world to the players.


You can follow the project on the subreddit for general updates and announcements, on discord for all sorts of mini-updates, and on the main game page on itch.io (which has devlog updates). When I add a steam page it will be posted here as well.

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/korrigans/korrigans-colony-management-sim

Main Game Page: https://evolgames.itch.io/korrigans

Subreddit: r/korrigans

My other projects are available free here: https://evolgames.itch.io/


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