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Added a beard and clothing randomizer!
Really happy with the way the beard and clothing randomizer came out. Along with randomly generated names it makes for some good variety. I plan to add child an...
WIP: Adding needs
Adding needs and a status tracker. Next up, hover over a name and an indicator appears over their head to track them...
Added Xray Viewing to my WIP game
Added xray viewing to keep track of your colony when they are underground/out of sight. This game is a WIP. You can follow devlogs for updates...
Added magma base layers to my WIP colony sim
Magma is now at the bottom of every map, with a thin, fragile crust above it. Any rivers that channel onto this crust will evaporate, causing steam to rise up a...
Korrigans: Colony Management Sim (First Month of WIP)
This devlog video goes through roughly one month of indie game development on a new colony sim management game I'm working on. Follow for devlog updates and eve...
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