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Evol Circuit is a cellular automaton, which is a grid system of cells that abide by a set of rules and interact with each other. Even just a handful of rules can create stunning results, the most famous example would be Conway's Game of Life. This simulation is inspired by Wireworld, a similar variant which allows for easy digital circuitry.

White cells will generate Red electron "signal" cells. Those signals will fade over time and if they bump into another one, they both cancel out. The Black cells can be considered wires that carry the signals.

The background grid is infinite. It will allow you to place cells anywhere in the grid on positive X and Y values. The game runs very fast for this kind of program. In fact, it might be the fastest cellular automaton because of a unique way of handling the grid system. But I digress.


Left Click: Paint Particles

Right Click: Delete Particles

[  ]: Change Brush Size

Shift: Accelerate Camera Movement

Scrollwheel or - +: Zoom In/Out

Number Keys: Quick Change palette

Arrow Keys: Select items on the menu

WASD: Pan the Camera

Control + 0: Reset the Camera

Other shortcuts are shown in the bottom left when highlighting menu options. If you are holding down the mouse to either add or remove particles, then you can move one unit at a time with the WASD keys.


  • Add undo function
  • Add selection, copy/paste, and moving tools
  • Add preconfigured "stamps" of logic gates to paste in
  • Add additional colors and functions for those color cells
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AuthorEvol Games
GenreSimulation, Educational
Tags2D, Endless, Experimental, Retro


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