Evolpedal Version 12.3

Updated Evolpedal to Version 12.3. This includes a few minor bug fixes, tweaks on the settings (both user-side and internal), and the flag is now set with the last segment rather than the head. Before, each time the head passed the flag, it would win the round. However, this was found to be encouraging lifeforms to simply evolve longer bodies, taking advantage of the placement before every round, making their head farther to the right by default. By changing the rule to the left-most segment, this has been fixed.

Also, a bug which only allowed for the most recent segments to be removed has been fixed. Now, it is possible for a lifeform to mutate and gain a segment, or to lose a random segment anywhere on its body. It will then reassign attachments as needed. Before, lifeforms would have been stuck with the same middle segments without any chance to remove them (it was always possible for them to mutate, but being able to remove random parts of their bodies is important for progressive evolution).


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Dec 01, 2019

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