Working on a 3D variant of Evolpedal

You like Evolpedal?

If you like Evolpedal, you're one of the 8,755 people  to date that have downloaded it. With over 22 thousand views since its initial release, it is definitely my most popular project. It's never been on the front page or anything, but it obviously has struck a chord that resonates with certain niches.

You don't like know Evolpedal?

Well, if you're not one of those people, go check it out here, it's free of course. Then come back to this post.

What's next?

You probably are thinking, what could be next, another update? It's true, I've been tweaking updating, upgrading, downgrading, reworking, and completely rewriting the code in order to make it as good as it can be. I've decided that Evolpedal can only further be improved if I write my own physics engine, because while Box2D is great, there are certain limitations and pitfalls that hamper the very specific use-case that I have with this evolving-creature-walking-simulation thing.

But then I realized there's something else that would make this game much better. Something that would dramatically increase the complexity and coolness factor of the evolved life.


I am currently working on (and have been) a 3d version of Evolpedal. Adding the third dimension, or Z-axis, will give depth (no pun intended) to the simulation. Creatures don't need to learn to walk like Egyptian murals, with flat feet side-by-side. Instead, they can do what real creatures do in real life: they can shift weight from side-to-side on the Z-axis. This let's them alternate which foot and leg is pulling the body. Try walking with your feet in a straight line, but without ever crossing the back foot to the front. That's the limitation that 2d simulations have. It just can't ever evolve the same way.

So I've been porting and rewriting Evolpedal in 3D, using a different game engine (no, not Unity). Already, even with just the most basic fitness functions (which in our case work by displacement), I see more realistic movement patterns. I'm very excited to finish this because I want to give it a proper test! For me, that's the best part. Leaving the game running all night and waking up to see what has evolved. 

I will release Evolpedal 3D as it's own game, allowing the original to remain separate. As soon as I have everything working and tested, I will upload it and then, like the original, update it for years to come.

Stay tuned! 

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Sounds interesting, good luck!