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Evol's Sandbox is a casual particle simulator that gives you tools for little creations. This was inspired by "falling sand" flash games that I would play as a kid.

Make Caverns

Water erodes the earth slowly. Or quickly, if you set it to that. Create interesting waterways and caverns, or allow them to develop naturally.

Grow Flowers

After you've got your soil wet, add a seed inside. Watch as it grows roots, sprouts, and flowers! The roots will hold in your soil and prevent it from eroding away.

Speaking of Roots

Draw your own roots. They're versatile and will collect water and transport it anywhere that they are connected to. If they are near soil, they'll grow into it!


Bees. Did I mention you can add bees? Cause you can. Add at least 25 and you have a colony. And what will that colony do? Bee things! Like building a hive. They'll also return to fix the hive if you mess with it.

Burn the Bees

When you're done playing with bees, why not burn them up? You can also burn your plants, so be careful playing with fire. Bees will also drown, so that's another option for bee killing.

Drain your Soil

The moisture in the soil will drain through and drip if there is space or a cavern below. This can make for interesting natural water paths.

Make Faucets and Waterfalls

With Faucet Mode, you can paint a water, sand, fire, or soil faucet. This will create a constant stream of particles at that point. Faucet Mode is only for painting, so turning it off only deactivates that feature of the brush. You'll have to delete a faucet to stop its flow.


Left Click: Paint Particles

Right Click: Delete Particles

[  ]: Change Brush Size

Scrollwheel or - +: Zoom In/Out

Number Keys: Quick Change palette

WASD: Pan the Camera

Control + 0: Reset the Camera

Other shortcuts are shown in the bottom left when highlighting menu options.

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If you enjoy this game or find a bug please post a screenshot in the comments below.

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AuthorEvol Games
Tags2D, Casual, Pixel Art, Sandbox, Short


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i love it

best dang game ever its so satisfinying

game it looks cool

i will get this


hello! i know this is a unrelated question, but what game engine did you use?

Hey, no worries. I used LÖVE2D, which is a framework for writing games in lua.

Hey, cant lua be used to mod this game then?