Evolpedal 3D Released

Just released a 3D version of Evolpedal.

Evolpedal 3D is a walking evolution simulator where human-like lifeforms learn to walk by any means necessary. This is based on my other game, Evolpedal, but differs in that this uses a humanoid model to animate and is 3D.

The structure of the human cannot change (yet!), so it must learn to walk by evolving its movement patterns. This includes timers on up to 100 movements for its head, spine, pelvis, thighs, calves, and feet. In addition to the timers, the direction, force, and even restrictions of individual joints can evolve. Over time, the lifeform will refine its movements to *hopefully* look more lifelike. However, its only objective is distance.

Evolution is random and the amount of chance can be adjusted. Different variations of the parent lifeform will be tried until one of them traverses farther. This is based on displacement, so they must get farther in any direction from their origin. This record is displayed in the top-left.  If the mutated offspring doesn't do better than its parent, it's discarded. Then, another mutation based off the parent is tried. Once an offspring beats the record of best displacement, it becomes the new parent and all future offspring are based off of it. This is, in a nutshell, how natural selection works in nature.


Evolpedal3DWindows.zip 35 MB
Jan 23, 2020
Evolpedal3DLinux.zip 35 MB
Jan 23, 2020

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