Evolpedal 3D Version 1.4

Evopedal 3D, available here, has been updated to version 1.4 with the following changes:

-adjusted limb variance parameters

-fixed another bug that spawned large limbs below the floor

-allow limb variance scaling to be X and Y independent such that a limb can be elongated or widened


Evolpedal3DVer1-4Windows64.zip 50 MB
Jan 24, 2020
Evolpedal3DVer1-4Linux.zip 29 MB
Jan 24, 2020

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Congrats on another successful project! You have some great stuff and I love playing around and experimenting. If you don't mind me asking, what language(s) and tools are you using for your evolutionary simulators? I've been trying to do something in this area using Codea on the iPad (it implements Lua in a Processing paradigm). I don't think it's the ideal way to go (though I LOVE Lua); since you are creating the sorts of things I like most, thought I would ask!

Thanks for all your hard work and awesome software.




Thanks so much Scott for your comment and ongoing support! Also, I really appreciate the donations! I'm glad to hear that. I really enjoy making things like this, probably almost as much as I do playing with them. It's nice to see that others are having fun with them too.

I love Lua too, and good news, that's what I'm using. For everything before this project I was using Love2d, which is a framework for making 2d games with lua. For simple things I would recommend it. The wiki is really simple and there is a big enough community that you can find your questions already answered somewhere 9 times out of 10. I definitely tested its limits at times. I don't know much about Codea though.
Lua is actually plenty fast because of luajit. For Evolpedal 3D I needed some real 3d physics to make it work, so I went looking around for other open source engines. I found some good ones but ultimately settled with Urho3D because it also has lua bindings. It's incredibly snappy and intuitive. I'm likely going to stick with it even if I do more 2D games. Leadwerks also uses lua but it was pretty buggy and slow. There aren't a ton of options for 3d game engines with lua bindings. I could always get better at Python or C++, but this is just a hobby so I'm focusing more on what's fun for me.

Just looked into Codea a bit. It looks like you should be able to make similar simulations with it. The thing to keep in mind is that if it does have a bottleneck somewhere it may hinder your progress. Some of my other ones, like Polysporia, can easily get laggy with lots of lifeforms. That may also be the case with Codea, or it may be worse. If you know it pretty well already I would push it to the limit and then only then think about switching.