Evolpedal 3d Version 1.5

Evolpedal 3d Version 1.5 is available here.


  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs
  • Adding window focus cycling, so that closing and opening new windows will place them on top of the stack
  • Added Joint rigidity settings for nodes
  • Added ERP settings for nodes (this is joint error calculation, explained more on game page)
  • Moved buttons from Settings menu to side bar semi-transparent menu, along with FPS max checkbox
  • Fixed a bug where lifeforms that beat the displacement record and then move backwards before the round is over were still setting the record. This way, the lifeform's best displacement must be consistent by the end of the round (whether time-triggered or head minimum triggered).
  • Rotated the lifeform's starting position to face East, rather than towards the camera
  • Modified displacement rules to only be positive Z-distance from origin. This means the lifeform's best displacement is based only on how far it moves to the right. This seems to streamline evolution
  • Before, the displacement was set by the node that was the farthest behind. If the farthest node, usually a foot, was farther than the record, the new record would be set. This was originally done to encourage the lifeform to move its entire body forward, rather than just leaning forward. However, it seems to actually work better done the exact opposite, where the farthest node sets the displacement.

For the next major version update (Version 2.0), I'm looking to cover some of the following:

  • Simulation Speed: If it is workable, I will add in a method of increasing simulation speed/processing so that rounds go faster

(this is actually already possible by unticking Limit FPS to 60)

  • Letting the user switch between humanoid models and randomly-generated "block" models, as found in the original Evolpedal.
  • Adding toes or toe pads to the humanoid model


Evolpedal3dVer1-5Linux.zip 29 MB
Jan 29, 2020
Evolpedal3dVer1-5Windows64.zip 50 MB
Jan 29, 2020

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